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What We Do

Rural Economic Development

Our focus is on providing economic development solutions to rural communities, by engaging communal problem solving, introducing technologies for mass integration, and building community resources to facilitate an effective transition to 21st Century needs.

Small Business Support

We support existing and new businesses by provisioning strategic services and partners to meet fundamental business needs in the region.  

Connect Global Resources

We aim to help foster global partnerships with rural communities around the world and provide rural markets with domestic and international partners who can provide resources that stake holders would not be otherwise accessible to.

Youth Services

Sustainability is at the heart of all we do.  Sustainable change cannot be derived without providing for the needs of future generations. We have a wide range of youth services we provide in order to cater to our next generation better.

Accelerate Innovation

Innovation is a necissity for every business and organization to prosper and thrive.  We formulate best practices to accelerate innovation in any industry/profession.

School Design

Our team is well versed in educational innovations to redefine how schools should be re-designed for optimal impact in the 21st century.

Current Projects In Colorado

GlenX Space

We are launching a versatile coworking space, with a business incubator and resource center, to help with economic development for rural communities in the Western Slope region of Colorado.

XQ Super School

Our team led a concerted effort in the nationwide XQ Super School competition to re-think high school education in America, in which we were national finalists for.  We are continuing the initiative to define Education.

About Us

Our team

Our team consists of local, regional, and international stakeholders who are passionate about helping serve the communities they live in.

Our mission

To accelerate rural communities with social impact projects and endeavors.

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Social Bridge

Mailing Address: 1912 Midland Ave, Glenwood Spgs, Colorado 81601, United States